ALPHABET LETTER MOLDS – The alphabet letters are super useful in the world of felt crafting because with them are made a myriad of types of pieces. Most garland models for example have some mention with letters.

In addition to the garlands, ornaments with names is also another pattern of garment that has high demand and acceptance in this market. The letters certainly can not miss in its collection of molds for works in felt. That’s why we brought in this post a selection with different types of fonts so you have varied options that best match your taste and the work you want.

Check out the inspirations of pieces along with the molds that we selected for this post:

Embellishment with Felt Letters / Credits: 1001 Feltros

Suggestions for teachers’ day in felt with molds!

Embellishment with Felt Letters / Credits: Dulce Mimos
Names with Felt Letters / Credits:: Ateliê do Bebê MG
Embellishment with Felt Letters / Credits: Wal Artesanal

Letter Molds

Print the A4 sheet template. These are already life-sized but on some printers there may be variations so if you have questions about resizing the molds, go to the blog post we’ve been teaching you to work on this step. Click here and learn how.

If you have doubts or do not know how to calculate the value of your pieces of your crafts after they are finished, click aqui and read the post where we teach to do this step. A good job to all!

Felt doll template and tutorial


Super Mario Wreath / Credits: Ateliê Viviane Meyer

Name in Felt / Credits:Ateliê Menina Serelepe
Felt Letter Keychain / Credits: Unknown Author
Felt Letters Keychain / Credits: Fernanda Lacerda
Key Chain with Letters / Credits: Juliana Cwikla
Embellishment with Letters / Credits: 1001 Feltros
Name Letter Keychain / Credits: Carla Vasconcelos
Keychain with Letter / Credits: Paula Cruz



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