Felt Birdie Ornament Template


Felt Birdie Ornament Template – Cute little birds are Fluffy and they are characters used in various decorations. They look beautiful in garlands, mobiles, pendants, key chains and various ornaments. They are as versatile as teddy bears because they match with virtually every color, pattern, and a huge diversity of elements.

We brought in this post this super cool idea of embellishment with the birds perched on the branch. This mime was supposed to be a video teaching step by step how to do, but unfortunately we had problems on our camera and could not publish. And it was a shame because I came to record all the step by step but when I put it on the computer to edit, it caused a lot of errors because of the camera and therefore it was not possible this time. But it was a simple piece to do, however, there is some important information to know, such as:

1 – Fixation of the biggest bird on the branch – two pieces of gilded wire were used in addition to hot glue, connecting the bird on the branch. If the wire is not used, it will tip over backwards.

2 – Nest of the little bird – to make the nest I went twirling my sisal wire over my two fingers, as if to make a yo yo. I gave about 8 turns, then glued the two ends with hot glue. I slowly removed the little coil from my fingers and stuck it into the smaller bird. Once you’ve done this, I glued them with hot glue.

Felt Birdie Ornament Template

3 – So for the birdie ornament would not fall forward after ready, I sewed the larger sisal on the back of the birds. I gave only one little stitch. Doing so will not occur from the embellishment tilting forward or backward after you place the sisal to do the finishing.

It’s super simple to do. Now let’s go to the mold.

Enfeite de Passarinho em Feltro
Felt Birdie Ornament Template

Felt Birdie Ornament Template

Print the templates on an A4 sheet. This is already in the natural size, however, in some printers can occur variations, so in case of doubts how to resize the molds access the post that we do here in the blog teaching you to work in that step. Click here and learn how.

If you have doubts or do not know how to calculate the value of your handicrafts after they are finished, click here and read our post where we teach to do this step, a good job for everyone!

Felt Birdie Ornament Mold


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