FELT CARNIVAL MASK – The carnival is coming and at that time the masks are on the rise! That’s why we brought here a butterfly-shaped mask model that you can make to sell or even for you to fantasize about.

In this piece I chose to use the black color in combination with the feathers, ribbons and gold, however, you can also choose other colors and combinations. I chose to make this model without elastic, however, it is also possible to make it with elastic to attach directly to the face. If you choose to do with elastic, do not fill with cardboard, choose EVA or thick felt.

On our YouTube channel or the Feltro Fácil Fanpage you can watch the video step by step of that piece. Just click >>HERE<<.


It is a very versatile piece model that you can vary colors and even prints to do the details. I love butterflies so I chose this funny theme. Now check out the templates:


Print the templates on an A4 sheet. This is already in the natural size, however in some printers can occur variations, so in case of doubts of how to resize the molds access the post that we did here in the blog teaching you to work in that step. Click here and learn how.  

If you have doubts or do not know how to calculate the value of your handicrafts after they are finished, click here and read our post where we teach how to do this step, a good job for everyone!

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Felt Carnival Mask Mold


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