FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – First of all, if you are now starting out in this enchanted world of felt, probably you may sometimes feel a little lost in the mold. There are a plethora of models available at all levels, from easy to difficult and intermediate, and this may confuse you at the time of choice. That’s why we brought in this post a selection of molds that are easy and practical to make for you who are starting out and want to get acquainted with this art.

1 – Cloud

The little clouds are sweet, delicate, cute and beautiful and so are very accepted and sought after items in the world of felt crafts. In addition to all these adjectives they are super simple to do! Felt Cloud is our first basic piece suggestion for you that is starting. You have no secret in your making. Simply cut the molds on the felt, embroider the little eyes and mouth, sew, fill and give your finish!

Felt Cloud/ Credits: Ateliê Criathivas



FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – Teddies are also very popular and sought after in this world of felt. When it comes to souvenirs, teddies are among the topics that are at the top of the list as models of most sought after pieces. So, do not forget to save molds and train a lot to make these shapes! As a suggestion, we brought these two models that are super simple and practical to do.

TEDDY BEAR GIFTS / Credits Mile Artes em Feltros
TEDDY BEAR GIFTS / Credits: Mile Artes em Feltros

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Teddy Bear / Credits: Unknown Author
BEGINNER´S FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS / Credits: Aline Morais Atelier

FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – The birds are classic and were the first pieces that started the success of the market of felt crafts. In the beginning, when the felt-craft was not so popular, the birds reigned as the theme of more elaborate pieces. Over time, with the growth and expansion of the market, many other models have been created, however, the birds are still very much in demand. The birds are also simple to make and there are many videos and Step by step on the internet teaching to do. If you are a beginner in this world, starting with this model is a good start.

Felt Lilttle Bird / Credits: Ateliê Miguelê
Felt Little Bird / Credits: Artes em Feltro By Ale
Little Bird Template / Credits: Ateliê Lecanto

Templates for Beginners

4 – Little Cute Elephant

FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – Elephants are super-sought after models for decorating children’s bedrooms and parties. Besides being beautiful when done on the felt, it is an animal that has several meanings, among them, good luck. The elephant is also a theme that leads the ranking of popularity and demand in studios, so the molds of them can not miss in your collection! We’ve brought these two simple templates for those starting:

Felt Little Elephant / Creditos: Ateliê Criathivas
Felt Little Elephant Template / Credits: Carmela Caramella

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Felt Little Elephant Template / Credits: Ateliê Mimos da Rô
Felt Little Elephant Template

Templates for Beginners

5 – Little Angels

FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – Ahhh the angels … these do not have much to say because everyone already knows that they are very well known pieces, accepted and admired by the public! Angels are highly sought after for decorations and souvenirs for baby shower, birth and baptism. If there is a piece that can not be left out in your showcase is undoubtedly the little angels!

Felt Little Angels / Credits: Allegra Artes
Felt Little Angels / Credits: Fabi Medico

Template for beginners

6 – Little Owl

FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – In addition, another item that you will surely agree that EVERY beginner should start training is undoubtedly the little owl. The owls are at the top of the popularity list. It is enough to give the air of grace in social networks, that the number of comments, tastings, clicks and shares are rising rapidly. Needless to say, they are models that have a high search and acceptance and therefore it is highly recommended that you train the making of them from here on. It’s selling right!

Felt Little Owl/ Credits: Incantare
Felt Little Owl/ Credits: Incantare
Felt Little owl Template

Templates for Beginners

7 – Dolls

FELT HANDICRAFT MOLDS FOR BEGINNERS – The dolls are classic and considered wild pieces in the craft in felt. This is why it is a very versatile piece that fits into any theme of the female genre. Dolls enchant and when they are done with whimsy, good combinations of colors, prints and good finish, fill the eyes of beauty and draw sighs! As a consequence the search for dolls is always frequent so, logically this piece could not be left out! This is a model doll that besides being beautiful and sweet is super easy and simple to do so if you are starting and want to train dolls, bet on this suggestion.

Doll in Felt / Credits: Teca Artesanatos

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Felt Little Doll Template / Credits: Ateliê Semente de Afeto

PS: If for any reason you are the author of any of the models of parts here published that you think should not be here, please contact us and request its removal. You can contact us through our social media or e-mail (feltrofacil@gmail.com). Some pieces published here as “unknown author” were localized images without mention of authorship. If you have this information and want to pass it on to us, feel free to do it too. We appreciate your understanding and collaboration.


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