Felt Turtle Mold


Felt Turtle Mold – if you are looking for turtle molds to make pieces inside this felt theme, we brought here this super cute suggestion!

You can use this idea to build door weights and compose scenarios within the theme of the seabed, animals, etc. Check out the template: Now!

Felt Turtle Mold / Credits: Em Terra Feltro

Felt Turtle Mold

Print the templates on an A4 sheet. This is already in the natural size, however in some printers can occur variations, so in case of doubts of how to resize the molds access the post that we did here in the blog teaching you to work in that step. Click here and learn how. 

If you have doubts or do not know how to calculate the value of your handicrafts after they are finished, click here and read our post where we teach to do this step, a good job for everyone!

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Felt Turtle Mold / Credits: Em Terra Feltro



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