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Tutorial Step-by-Step Felt Bear


Step-by-step tutorial with instructions for making a teddy bear piece, with photographed and vectorized illustrations that will aid in the execution of the work.

The material consists of three molds of different sizes:

  • Size P 18 cm
  • Size M 25 cm
  • Size G 35 cm


  • Hand stitched with buttonhole stitch.
  • 95 photos illustrating the step by step detail.
  • Made with printed felt.
  • Execution Tips.
  • The material will be sent via e-mail in PDF file.
  • Portuguese language.
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Made 100% by hand
Size: 25 cm

VALUE: $ 9,90
Apostila with mold with step by step PHOTOGRAPH of teddy bear made with felt.

The material will be sent via e-mail in PDF file after the confirmation of the deposit.

The teddies are classic and regardless of the model, material used, sizes and colors, they will always be marking presence in childhood and enchanting with its sweetness. The teddies are versatile, allowing a series of combinations with colors, prints and objects.


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