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Transparency of the Page


Welcome to our transparency page. At “Feltro Fácil,” we believe in the importance of our readers’ trust and strive to provide accurate and reliable information about felt crafting. This page aims to provide information about the origin of our articles, image sources, reader comments and participation, affiliates, and advertising.

Origin of Articles:

Our articles are produced by a team of enthusiasts and experienced felt crafters passionate about sharing knowledge and creative ideas.

When appropriate, we cite sources and references for inspiration in our projects, ensuring readers have access to necessary information.

Image Sources:

The images used in our articles come from various sources, including photographs of our own projects, public domain images, and free image banks.

We always provide credits and attributions when using third-party images, ensuring proper authorship.

Reader Comments and Participation:

We encourage our readers to actively participate in our community through comments, sharing their own experiences, and projects.

We value the diversity of perspectives and ideas, creating a space for constructive and inspiring discussions.


In some of our articles, you may find affiliate links to products related to felt crafting. When readers click on these links and make a purchase, we may receive a commission.

Please be aware that we carefully choose affiliate products and programs, recommending only those we believe are helpful for our readers in their felt projects.


This site displays third-party ads, such as ad networks and commercial partners, related to crafting and handmade products.

While we do not have direct control over the content of displayed ads, we make efforts to ensure they are relevant to our readers’ interests in the world of felt.

“Feltro Fácil” is committed to providing creative and inspiring information about felt crafting. We value transparency and the trust of our readers. If you have any questions or concerns about our content, please contact us.

Thank you for choosing “Feltro Fácil” as your source of information and inspiration for felt crafting.