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Felt Farm Animals Templates

Farm Animals Templates to Save, Print, and DIY!

The farm is a place full of charm and magic, where we can find various animals that are very beloved by children. If you are a craftsman or simply enjoy crafts, how about creating your own little farm animals with felt?

The templates we provide in this article are perfect for those who want to start in the world of felting or for those who already have experience and want to create new and creative pieces. There are templates for pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, horses, bulls, and little farmers, which can be used to decorate parties, children’s spaces, or simply as gifts.

Farm Animals in Felt Credits: Ateliê Bibi Boneca

To make the farm animals, you will basically need felt, thread, needle, scissors, and stuffing. Felt is a very versatile material, available in various colors and textures. The thread and needle are necessary for sewing the pieces. Scissors are used to cut the felt and the templates, and stuffing is used to give volume to the animals.

Download the farm animals templates now and create your own handmade pieces.

Farm Animals Templates in Felt Credits: Ateliê Bibi Boneca
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