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Felt Letter Templates – Only Alphabet Letter Molds!

Felt Letter Templates – Alphabet letters are extremely useful in the world of felt, as they allow the creation of a multitude of pieces. Wreaths, for example, almost always include models that have some connection to letters.

In addition to wreaths, decorations with names are also another standard piece that has high demand and acceptance in this market. The little letters certainly cannot be missing from your collection of molds for felt work. That’s why we’ve brought here in this post a selection with different types of fonts for you to have varied options that best match your taste and the desired work.

So, check out the inspirations for pieces along with the molds we’ve selected for this post:

Felt Letter Templates
Decor with Felt Letters / Credits: 1001 Feltros

Suggestions for Teacher’s Day in felt with molds!

Felt Letter Decoration / Credits: Dulce Mimos
Felt Name / Credits:Ateliê do Bebê MG

Christmas Felt Decoration with Template

Decor with Felt Letter / Credits:Wal Artesanal
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