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Molds for Christmas Ornaments to save, print, and do it yourself!

Molds for Christmas ornaments | When it comes to Christmas in the world of felt crafts, the possibilities for pieces and projects are endless.

Ornaments are items that require less elaboration time and have a quick turnover when made for sale. Ornaments are versatile and easy to make. Don’t hesitate to make ‘Christmas ornaments’ to increase your income and get extra earnings during this time.

We know that searching for ideas and references can be tiring at times, so to assist and help with your choice, we bring in this article beautiful ideas and suggestions for Santa Claus ornaments for you to easily save and print.

1 – Mix of Ornaments

This first model of ornaments with various characters is a great option to assemble Christmas kits. These ornament designs have a circular shape, and therefore all the pieces go well together, providing a better result in decoration. Check out the complete mold below, ready to be printed, for these creative Christmas ornaments:

Molds for Christmas Ornaments
Molds for ornaments | Execution:Lorena Mendes
Molds for ornaments | Execution:Lorena Mendes
Molds for Christmas Ornaments

2 – Santa Claus Ornament (Model 1):

Santa Claus is a character that cannot be missing from a Christmas decoration, isn’t it? Therefore, this is a great and creative suggestion for a felt Santa Claus ornament. Its parts are easy to cut and assemble, and its creation is simple and straightforward. See below:

Santa Claus Ornament / Credits:Estéfany Carvalho
Molds for Christmas Ornaments
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