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Cute and Creative Owl Templates for Download.

Owl templates – Owls are classic and have been popular for a long time. Those who work with crafts already know that when it comes to owls, success is guaranteed!

They fit well in any environment. Working with this theme is very enjoyable because it allows for a variety of combinations with objects, elements, and colors.

Owl templates

Rose from ‘The Little Prince’ in felt [templates to save and print]

Owl templates
Owl templates

Cute and creative felt pineapples [downloadable templates]

Owl Bookmark in Felt – Credits: Artes da Prii

That’s why today we brought beautiful and creative options for owl models, with templates for you to make for yourself, gift, or commercialize your craftsmanship.

Wednesday Addams Dolls [Downloadable Templates] – Click to Access

Owl templates

Religiosos criativos: mol

Creative religious items: Felt rosary templates for download

Felt fruits: Creative templates for download and printing.

Owl templates

Forest animals: Complete templates to save and print

Owl templates
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