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Complete Felt Rosary Templates – DIY

Rosary Templates – Complete Rosary Templates to Save, Print, and DIY!

Rosary Templates – The rosary is a highly popular devotional object among Catholics. Besides its use for prayer, it can also be a beautiful decorative piece or a special gift.

If you enjoy crafts and want to learn how to make a felt rosary, this article is for you!

The felt rosary is a great suggestion, often used for decorating children’s rooms, baptism and birth souvenirs, religious events, and more.

The felt rosary with a little angel is a piece that received a large number of likes, comments, and messages, with requests for a video tutorial on how to make it.

Rosary Templates
Rosary Templates

Therefore, we have created a step-by-step video tutorial, providing detailed instructions on how to craft a beautiful and delicate felt rosary with an angel.

The total length of the felt rosary is 32 cm, and the little angel measures 9 cm. It is a delicate piece with small details, so use smaller, fine-tipped scissors to cut the smaller parts.

Patterns of Angels to save and print [DIY]

Below is the complete template, ready to be printed, according to the dimensions of the piece taught in the tutorial


  • Use felts of various colors to create a personalized rosary.
  • You can also add other details to the rosary, such as flowers, stars, or other Catholic symbols.

Hope you enjoyed this article! =)


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